LETTER: Thorough probe needed into death in Police lock-ups


Dear Editor,
I am extremely disturbed at the increasing amount of our citizens who are dying or suffering serious and debilitating injuries while in Police custody.
Thirty-nine-year-old Lalbachan Bachan of Maria’s Lodge, Essequibo Coast, was the latest victim. A young, strong man arrested for driving under the influence and died while in Police custody.
His young children are now fatherless and the breadwinner of the family has passed. People’s lives have been turned upside down.
The authorities seem to not be taking this most gross violation of people’s human rights into account. Hardly anyone ever gets punished for these terrible violations and abuse.
In some ways, this is a reflection of what is happening at the highest level of Government. The abuse of power is seeping down to all levels of the administration.
The Police force is a very important institution in any society. If people feel abused by those who are charged with the responsibility to protect them and they lose confidence in the Force, then we can decent into lawlessness.
I, therefore, urge the leadership of the Police to immediately do a fair and unbiased investigation and punish those responsible for the death of Lallbachan Bachan. We must halt this trend before it consumes us all.
I extend my deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Mr Bachan. I also express my condolences to the people of the Essequibo Coast.

Yours sincerely,
Donald Ramotar
Former President