LETTER: There is need to re-evaluate Guyana’s social, economic, political well-being


Dear Editor,
Every end of year, many people take stock of their lives and make resolutions to do better in the New Year. What we also need to do is to take stock of the Guyanese nation over the last 50 years and see where we can do better.
In this regard, I call for a re-evaluation of Guyana’s social, economic and political well-being over the last 50 years.
Instead of just analysing the performance of a People’s National Congress Government vs a People’s Progressive Party Government, we need to evaluate the years in terms of every 10-year period.
Our starting point could be the years 2010 to present until we encapsulate all the years since 1966. In this way we will be developing a narrative of our history without casting blame.

Objectively analysing your performance can lead you to do better.
Yours faithfully,
Sean Ori


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