Letter: The real reason behind Granger’s ouster from the PNC

David Granger

Dear Editor,

The real reason behind Granger’s ouster, and should I say the other old guards, from the PNC party can be ascribed to two fundamental factors (a) his ambivalence to the results of the March 2020 General Elections and (b) his very weak support for the rigging cabal in his party.

In the first instance, he was chided by the “Norton-ites” for acceding to a recount, the perplexing question on their lips was, why agree to a recount when you fully well knew that you were going to lose; stupid man! It’s a matter of playing the rigging game the way they know best, just readily accept Lowenfield’s results and hold on to power. After all he would be doing it for the life of the party; or for the party’s sake and the only way “to win.”

But Granger knew that route had dire consequences, he knew that road would lead us down a path of no return. Granger knew with that move Guyana was destined to be a pariah State. The international community was not helpful to him either, because they were there and observed every iota of it; The international community was in no mood to accept fraudulent results, nor would they install a regime of said standing.

So, Granger was caught between a rock and a very hard place. In the end Granger had no other option but to accept the results given by the people of Guyana and spare himself and country the ignominy of becoming a pariah.

Ever since that time the core party corrupters wanted him out! Thus, the commencement of the movement to aggressively root him, and all those who would think or act like him. That point became clear at the December election of Norton to lead the party.

Further entrenchment of his stamp on the party’s top post was also ratified in statements made by the heavyweights in that grouping. Norton and his posse were going to take over irrespective of the wishes of “the elders” or whatever negative public relations spinoff there it might incur.

On the second aspect which is a reaffirmation of the first and that is Granger must realise that he cannot continue to hold on to the party’s list of candidates and keep Norton out, without coming to terms with him, it just wouldn’t happen; he must consult with him. And I dare say he and his dinosaurs would have to at some point agree with Norton; there is no other way.

But let’s face it, however Granger and his sanctimonious quasi-riggers want to put it, rigging still remains a high priority on the PNC’s list of activities, and putting up that façade to hide it wouldn’t change a thing. Trying to put a polite touch on rigging is even more detrimental because now the entire world sees you for what you are worth and will despise you. Rigging is a despicable system coined and trademarked by the PNC, and under any name they choose to market it, would carry the contempt and condemnation it rightfully deserves!

Neil Adams