LETTER: The M&CC seems to be out of control


Dear Editor,
The paradoxes, contradictions and discrepancies of the Georgetown Municipality are just simply mind-boggling, unbelievable and outrageous. It is one thing for the Government to say that it is practicing a policy of non-interference, of allowing local democracy to thrive and to allow local organs to manage themselves, it is another thing to turn a Nelson’s eye to wanton graft, corruption, prodigalising, and incompetence.
The citizens of Georgetown did not vote for, did not expect and can do very little to stop this runaway train that is called the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown. Is there nothing the Ministry of Communities, the Government of Guyana or the President of this land can do to bring a halt to this madness?
The City Council is so out of control.
How can the Council be allowed to send off more than one delegation on trips to distant lands overseas at this time, for frolicsome travel when they are unable to even pay their workers their salaries for last month? Do they ever report to the citizenry what they have achieved on these trips? Why is it that municipal officials from other towns do not get to travel a fraction as much as those from Georgetown?
How is it that senior officers who are lazy and incompetent can refuse to proceed on years of accumulated leave and not have it forfeited?
How is it that Council’s financials have not been audited, qualified and made available for public scrutiny for decades and nothing has been done to the officers who are responsible for this gross fiscal violation?
How is it that senior officers could have withheld information about statutory rape, a serious charge by one of their employees, from the Police and the Childcare and Protection Agency for two months and not be charged and prosecuted for it?
How is it possible that at least two members who were embroiled in dragging the Council into an illegal and despicable parking meter contract, could be placed on a renegotiating committee that will be discussing with the same dubious parking meter contractor modifications to the very contract.
Amber Valentine


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