LETTER: The APNU/AFC coalition has brought Guyana into an unnecessary constitutional crisis


Dear Editor,

In light of the decision and consequential orders of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) handed down in June this year, elections, as triggered by the December 21, 2018, successfully passed no-confidence motion (NCM), should have been held by September 18, 2018, unless there was a vote by two-thirds majority of Parliament to extend that timeframe.

There was no such vote and the caretaker government, which was in place over the past three months, is now unconstitutional. Its breach of the constitution has been noted and pronounced upon by Guyanese and leading members of the international community.

The Indian Action Committee (IAC), is therefore gravely concern over President David Granger’s continual insistence that he is not in defiance of the constitution. His pronouncement, as recent as September 19 and just after members of the international community issued its statement, that he and his administration are abiding by the constitution, can only be interpreted as another attempt to grossly mislead.

Having failed to act within the confines of the CCJ’s ruling, the APNU/AFC coalition has not only brought the country into an unnecessary constitutional crisis, but has placed it and all Guyanese at risk of the consequences of possible international sanctions as critical developmental support could be withheld. This could not be good for our nation and its people.

The IAC shares the common view that the current political impasse can only be resolved through the holding of national and regional elections. On September 19, the Chairperson of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), officially informed Mr. Granger of the long-awaited timeframe for when the elections can be held.

Mr. Granger, having insisted that he will announce a date only after being informed by the election body, is now deprived of excuses to not do so. The IAC joins the clarion call for him to announce the date without any further delay and urges, that in the interest of democracy, the APNU/AFC coalition to immediately cease its disregard for constitutional provisions.

The IAC also urges that all democratic and constitutional rights, including the right to protest for the restoration of the rule of law, must not be impinged upon or threatened in any form.

Mindful of how the effects of the prevailing uncertainty will impact Guyana and Guyanese, the IAC remains hopeful that our hard-won democracy will be safeguarded and the constitution adhered to.

The IAC also calls on all stakeholder bodies and Guyanese citizens to raise their voices in calling for the constitution of Guyana to be respected in the context of peace, harmony, justice, and national unity.

Yours sincerely,

Saira Alli

IAC Secretary