LETTER: Thank you, High Commissioner Quinn, for your distinguished contributions to Guyana


Dear Editor,

I am moved by the commentaries, insights and sagaciousness of the British High Commissioner Greg Quinn in his recent interview on a radio program. I implore all Guyanese to take the time to listen and learn from this eminent citizen of this planet who has taken his time to share his observations and understanding of fundamental problems facing the people of this country.

It is gratifying to hear how much Mr Quinn has appreciated the culture, food, and geography of Guyana. What is striking, however, is his insights about our social, political, and economic challenges.

One of the concerns that stand out in Mr Quinn’s mind is the need for constitutional and other structural reform that could ease the political and racial tensions that have dogged the nation for decades. Guyanese could learn, for example, how Northern Ireland (Mr. Quinn’s home country) handled the humongous (religious) divide, thereby reducing the hatred, enmity and suspicions between the two sides.

I wish to thank Mr Quinn for his outstanding service to this country. I do trust that the President of Guyana would heed Freddie Kissoon’s suggestion to erect a bust of Mr. Quinn (as well as Bruce Golding, Owen Arthur, American Ambassador, Sarah Ann Lynch, Canadian High Commission, Lilian Chatterjee and EU Ambassador Fernando Ponz Cantó) to remember their roles in helping to preserve freedom and democracy in Guyana.

Thank you, High Commissioner Quinn, for your distinguished contributions to our country.

Yours truly,

Dr Devanand Bhagwan