Letter: Taking the word of the Police over those of dishonest detractors


Dear Editor,

Like every other law enforcement organisation, the Guyana Police Force may have its flaws, but when it comes to its investigation of the fire which destroyed the Brickdam Police Station, I’d take the word of the Police over its dishonest detractors in the APNU+AFC any day.

The GPF has, within its ranks, officers with decades of investigative experience, who have been exposed to much training, both local and overseas. It is that sort of experience and training that have allowed them to crack numerous cases that have resulted in successful prosecutions.

On the other hand, its detractors in the APNU+AFC accepted that it had been defeated by a 33-32 margin in a no-confidence vote, then argued all the way to the Caribbean Court of Justice that it was not defeated, as 33 is not the majority of 65.

It then mounted one of the most comical attempts at election rigging ever witnessed, and when caught, claimed that Russians were attempting to hack the paper-based voting system on behalf of its opponent. To this day, it claims that it won the elections and has copies of the Statements of Poll to prove, but refuses to make them available to the public or anyone else.

So, you see, dear readers, the Police ranks currently investigating the Brickdam Station fire have far more credibility than their dishonest detractors aligned to the APNU+AFC, whose sole aim is to discredit them and to protect the perpetrator of this most heinous act for reasons known only to themselves.

Yours truly,
Anson Paul