LETTER: Stop making excuses and call a date for elections


Dear Editor,
The most recent and shocking phrase that was introduced by the PNC, “There must be free, fair and credible elections”, and sung by David Granger, is not in the DNA of such a political party.
In fact, the PNC is more associated with the rigging of General and Regional Elections. There are numerous ways in which the integrity of elections can be affected, not only by a “clean” voters list.
Some of the ways in which elections’ results are affected are: elections’ results may be improperly tallied or reported; inaccuracies may be introduced by human error; or because of a lack of proper oversight.
Votes can be affected if there is fraudulent voting, such as multiple voting and illegal voting among other things. Elections’ tallies and reporting may also be affected by malicious actors.
One of the most common methods that are used by the PNC, especially in their support base, is preventing voters from casting their votes. Some voters are physically barred or otherwise deterred by intimidation from accessing polling places.
Information to voters may be manipulated to mislead potential voters, while the registration data can be tampered with to disenfranchise potential voters.
Sometimes after the primary reporting of results, evidence that enables verification of reported results may be altered or destroyed, resulting in no external auditing and verification.
The biggest joke is that when you have a valid NCM against a Government, you suddenly decide to overhaul an electoral system that facilitated the said APNU/AFC coalition Government winning Government.
The APNU/AFC coalition Government has fallen. Elections are constitutionally due. David Granger must give the people the power to choose. Give a date for elections now, and stop making excuses.

Zamal Hussain