LETTER: Riggers of 2020 elections leeching our soul like modern-day vampires


Dear Editor,

The 26th of May is our nation’s Independence Day, and Guyanese are finding out that independence much like democracy, once won, must be guarded fiercely. The two concepts share a relationship as the brain and heart of our body politic of which we the people are the lifeblood.

When Benjamin Franklin was asked after a session of the Constitutional Convention, “What kind of a Government have you given us?” he replied, “A democracy if you can keep it.”

Those engaged in the rigging of the 2020 elections are leeching our soul like modern-day vampires; their leader moves in our midst and like the fictional Dracula, he wears the guise of an honest and decent man.

These “forces that do not want to see the votes counted” are intent on protecting their vampirism on the country’s resources; the power lust, perks, and corrupt practices that are draining the treasury and bleeding the citizens dry.

As the recount proceeds and the Statements of Recount (SoR) match the Statements of Poll (SoP) and the Mingo figures are exposed as a blatant fraud; those SoRs have become mini-stakes through the heart of the conspirators, the sheer weight of evidence is overwhelming the “forces” and there are thousands more SoRs to come.

On the 9th of May, ballot box number 4058 was counted at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre, a SoR was produced that matches the SoP, no surprise there but when the video record of Mingo’s ‘verification’ exercise was reviewed, it showed inflation of 70 votes for David Granger’s APNU/AFC; this incontrovertible evidence was published in Kaieteur newspapers and the incumbent must address it forthwith.

Granger can no longer hide behind the skirts of the sisters like Dracula, he must choose a path to protect his family name and what’s left of his legacy; on the right is a call for GECOM to produce its SoPs for Region Four; on the left, willful ignorance and retreat to the fortress in Pearl. Tick tock.

Editor, Bram Stoker’s Dracula was first published on the 26th of May 1897, and the question is when that date rolls around in 2020, will Guyana be an independent democratic nation or be suffering under the yoke of this undead Government?


Robin Singh