LETTER: President Granger should make a statement addressing the Rohingya crisis urgently


Dear Editor,

Many Guyanese are perturbed by the offer of free land to victims of the recent hurricane in the Caribbean whereas refugees who have no food, water or shelter are at the mercy of the elements.

One cannot help but wonder what is in the mind of the APNU leadership when such an offer is given. If the government is truly in a compassionate mode, the offer should have been made to the Rohingya people who have been described by the UN as the “most friendless” on the face of the earth.

The Rohingyas have been booted out of their homes in an ethnic cleansing drive. This human tragedy has  finally caught the eye of the world. President Granger needs to present an offer of refuge to a people who have the greatest need so that they can call somewhere on the planet ‘home’.

President Granger needs to make a statement addressing the Rohingya dilemma urgently.

Yours truly,

Devanand Bhagwan




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