LETTER: President challenges “Dead Meat” AFC to show electoral worth at upcoming LGE


President David Grange, leader of PNC and APNU enjoys a wise decision on separate local government election for the AFC. This is a challenge for the AFC to establish its support. The Cummings burg Accord, after its initial three years of generous political benevolent parliamentary and executive gifts, undeserved to the AFC, should be reviewed. The rewards, concessions should be based on electoral support which may mean down grading ministerial portfolios, and reducing its numbers in the national Assembly, and Cabinet.

The national community recalls that Kemraj Ramjattan had predicted shortly before the 2015 national elections that his political party, the AFC, would become “dead meat” should it team up with PNC/APNU. Well it had subsequently contested the elections under the banner of APNU-AFC and with the active campaigning by the party’s leaders, Ramjattan. Nagamooto, Trotman, Patterson and others of the Party.  Having teamed up with APNU, the AFC claimed that it brought in some 11% of the votes; and the AFC leaders and members were given some 40% of parliamentary seats and ministerial positions in the Granger led government. While the AFC faction was given large and important ministries, including Public Infrastructure, Agriculture, Public Safety, and the Prime Minister position with attractive and substantially enhanced remuneration packages which motivated them, at every opportunity, to sing loudly for their supper without rocking the government boat.

This gives the facade of a powerful partnership with ministerial titles and parliamentary seats; but the PNC kept them in their places so that they support without a squeak of opposition to all the actions of the PNC leader and President, who is dominantly and totally in control of the grouping, having remunerated them well, and with the magnificent ministerial and job titles. However, their conduct and performance of their lawful public duties can only be evaluated as third-raters.

Their campaign was deceptive, fooling part of the PPP base, offering them “a good, and even a better life”. The AFC sold out to the PNC. The rice farmers, and the thousands of sugar workers who were vindictively, spitefully, racial and political discrimination, dismissed and placed on the bread line as their 2017 Christmas gifts for themselves, their families, and surrounding communities, now agree and confirm the “dead meat” status of ‘ political prophet’ Ramjattan. Let Trotman tell nation of his half-hearted campaign, how many votes he brought to the coalition and the secret Nassau understanding with Granger. Many, like prophet Ramjattan, predict that Trotman is easing his way back into the PNC with an eye on a leadership position in the PNC.

The declared results of the 2015 elections gave the combination a one seat majority with a one vote win of the seat for region 8. Some people argue that we have a government with a one seat which was won by one vote and consequently a one vote majority government.

The reported declaration by Trotman and other AFC leaders that the AFC was considering contesting the 2018 local government elections independently is welcome news. The reality of this is good and will confirm whether their status as “dead meat” or otherwise. It would be useful information for Granger’s assessment. The voters may be required to bury the “dead meat” AFC party or freeze the meat. The voters will not be fooled again.

Mr. President let the National Assembly and the Cabinet reflect the electoral strengths for the parties through radical changes – cabinet reshuffle and review of composition of the of the National Assembly.

Yours faithfully,

Joshua Singh


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