Letter: Police presence on the roads commendable


Dear Editor,

The Guyana Police Force deserves our compliments for acting to ensure that traffic ranks are regularly posted in the South Turkeyen area. This follows two letters to the editor in mid-November highlighting chaos, disorder and misuse of the roadway, particularly at the Dennis Street, D-Field and UG access road junction. The Police presence has been a huge success in regulating the road usage. Some errant motorists have even been charged for non-compliance with road signs and markings in that vicinity.

Left to be seen are similar corrective actions by those who sit on their laurels at City Hall and the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.

Roaming horses along Dennis Street from the Eastern Highway to sections of the D-Field Road continue to pose a hazard to road users. Lighting along most of the D-Field road from Dennis Street southwards to the Mosque also remains deficient, and there have been some allegations of robberies in that unlit corridor at nights.

For months these issues have been ventilated, and failure by the relevant authorities to deal with them is a huge disappointment to those affected. The parapets along the D-Field road are unkempt and neglected, with some unscrupulous persons adding to the poor state by dumping garbage ad nauseum.

Since members of the Guyana Police Force cannot be omnipresent, the least the authorities at M&CC and Public Infrastructure can do is clean the parapets and seek to correct the lighting situation, which will inevitably decrease the temptation and likelihood of criminal activity taking place along that unlit portion of roadway at nights.

Best regards,
Orette Cutting


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