Letter: Perturbed at Speaker’s ruling against the Economic Service’s Committee


Dear Editor,

I am dismayed and perturbed at the Speaker of the National Assembly’s ruling which undermines Parliamentary representation. His ruling has prevented the Economic Service’s Committee of the National Assembly from visiting and carrying out consultations with residents within the sugar belt of Regions Three, Four, Five and Six.

This fresh approach certainly differs from the past where traditionally committees of the National Assembly were afforded the freedom to carry out their mandate without interference, permission or directive from any of the Speakers.

My dismay hinges on the fact that it was only recently that the Natural Resources Committee visited a number of communities and agencies involved in various forms of production in our country such as lsseneru, Guyana Gold Fields, Kwakwani, Aroaima, Linden, Barama, Skeldon, Hope Canal, lwokarama and Exxon Mobile Oil Rig. The purpose of which was to secure opinion as to whether the Government’s policy that was presented in Parliament was consistent with the expectations of the citizens, workers and management of the specific corporations.

The actions of the Speaker in blocking the Economic Service Committee from visiting and consulting publicly with those communities within the sugar belt, surely undermines and obstructs the mandate and responsibility entrusted upon that committee by the very electorate they seek to consult with and who are now being denied such an opportunity by way of an undemocratic and insensitive move by none other than the person whose responsibility it is to be parliamentary upstanding and impartial at all times.

Yours sincerely,

Odinga Lumumba
Member of Parliament
Vice Chairman and former Chairman
Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Natural Resources



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