LETTER: Parking Meter ruling a good Christmas present for many Guyanese


Dear Editor,
The recent High Court quashing of the parking meter by-laws must be music to the ears of most Guyanese and just about the best Christmas present the Private Sector, not least among them the New Building Society, could have received from a Judge.
Everyone is aware of the haphazard and arbitrary manner in which the Georgetown City Council went about this initiative. In fact one could be fairly confident that the other actions taken by entities such as the Movement Against Parking Meters will also defeat the Council’s illegal actions, as from the very beginning, it has to be noted that this entire arrangement has been founded on a falsehood, which makes the entire process null and void.
The claim made to the present Council that the previous Council of the Georgetown Municipality had recommended and approved a parking meter contract is just plain and simple imaginary, fictitious and a big fat lie. And the culprit that misled the Council, the Government and the nation in this regard should be prosecuted.
It is quite shocking that the present group of City Councillors, fully aware by now that they were conned by the administrators into believing that the previous Council had approved the contract, are still not demanding to see the minutes of the meeting that purportedly approved it. They are still not moving to have the perpetrators of this untruth which is a very serious wrongdoing, dealt with condignly, but are rather just burying their heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich.
Of course, no such approval can be produced, as none exists, but just as appalling is the fact that the negotiating committee continues to allow itself to be disrespected by Smart City Solutions which has failed to produce the necessary documentation they require to properly review the contract and concession.
And now, quite arrogantly, the ‘Fantastic Four’ has responded by notifying the public that it is actively engaged with its legal team, examining various options regarding the course of action to be taken, having regard to this recent ruling as they are of the view that the ruling exceeded the scope of the challenge, and as such, are thinking about challenging same before an Appellate Court to test its soundness.
In days gone by, the old people would have described the City Council as having ‘Bruk stick in their ears’ as it relates to their persistence with the scandalous parking meter contract.
What has been made clear by all and sundry, is that the contract is criminal, it is extremely unlawful and is corrupt to the core.
Modi Sankar


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