Letter: Our democracy is under siege


Dear Editor,

I was alerted to an article in the state owned Chronicle Newspaper captioned “Second Term” where the President of Guyana was quoted as saying “The APNU+AFC Government will have a second term in office.”

These is definitive language coming from a President who presides over a failed state.  Not that the country has failed itself, but because his government has failed us miserably. Nearly two years into government and a growing economy, one would have it was only logical for his government to have picked up from where the previous administration left off. But that was only wishful thinking as we wasted a thought of ever seeing progress. The economy is suffering from convulsive regression in every facet of our economy, rice, sugar, in fact, agriculture which is our mainstay is on a downward spiral and eddying out of control.  From a once progressive agricultural export economy we are now at the beggars’ bowl where production is concern, and the worse is yet to come.

And to top it off the government is taxing everything, nearly 200 new taxes have been foisted on the populace, and counting. When even the humble dray cart owner has seen more than a 100% rise in his license to operate in this country, speaks volumes of this Granger Led Administration’s ability to manage the ship of state.

Therefore, it behooves everyone to question that statement with all the seriousness one can muster. What was The President talking about and which audience was he addressing those words? He did not say we might have a second term or the people of the country will elect us into another term of office he was very sure of his words that they “will return” to office.

Those were definitives that are crystal clear. So, the next thing that comes to mind is what have they done to “meritoriously” grant them the privilege of a second term? And the answer comes back, nothing!  Nothing tangible that the people can see or experience other than the sick sad reality that the standard of living that they previously enjoyed is  gone, violently taken from them.

While on the other side they see a government who paid themselves hefty salaries and emoluments soon as they got into office. Are we so stupid that we cannot weigh the circumstances and judge the situation for ourselves? Are we so stupid that we cannot find a definitive solution to the present lot and make that critical decision as to who should rule over us?  Oh yes we can?   As someone quite rightly said “it has been “a horrible experience  since The Coalition came into power, and we can hardly wait for the next election.”

Finally, as you pay close attention to the statement of President Granger, you get the clear picture of a person who is at the crossroads with reality, delusional to say the least. But most frighteningly alarming is the fact that  our democracy is under siege. Because that kind of language suggests that we have returned to the days when “might is right” and of course the good old rigging days of yesteryear has come full circle. I rest my case.


Neil  Adams


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