Letter: Nation should show that we are tough on crime, criminals


Dear Editor,

Media houses across Guyana on Christmas Eve night detailed the news of a 36-year-old training officer/bodyguard of Beharry Group of Companies at Campbell Street, Albouystown, Georgetown who was robbed and murdered along with the death of a 28-year-old man from Middle Road, La Penitence in Georgetown, who was gunned down by two men who were travelling in a white Axio car late Friday night. According to a Police report, the incident occurred around 23:50h on James Street, Albouystown, Georgetown.

I cannot imagine a child waiting on his/her dad to come home on Christmas Eve with a gift of love, only to find out that daddy was killed by a criminal. What a lifetime memory for that child.

It is clear that the criminals have no regard for the laws of Guyana nor law and order in this country. These recent criminal acts are another way to undermine our Government’s fight against crime.

These horrific crimes, in my opinion, call for the restoration of capital punishment in this country. Murder and other horrific offences are frequently reported in the media as though the criminal doesn’t care and are on a political wagon to let our Government look bad because they are aware that our judicial system has limited punishment for such heinous crimes. The death penalty should be an option for convicted terrorists, mass murderers, serial rapists, murders during robbery, paedophiles and child killers. Only one appeal should be allowed, with no right to legal aid, which must be lodged and heard within three months of conviction.

I accept that opponents of the death penalty will disagree with me, maintaining we exist in a more civilised, enlightened and progressive society, but surely a criminal should get what their crime deserves and in cases of murder what their crime deserves is death.

There are some crimes which cannot be forgiven, some individuals who cannot be rehabilitated and are beyond redemption and who do not deserve the privilege of a civilised society.

In recent months, we have had several crimes committed around this country, crimes that are so evil and sub-human, the perpetrators no longer should be considered a member of the human race and deserve no mercy and the ultimate sanction.

As a direct result of the advances in DNA and forensic investigation, there is now no danger of an innocent person being put to death.

From a statistical point of view, over the past decade, criminals who were jailed for life have been handed the same sentence again. Some of these same criminals were given a second life sentence.

Capital punishment was abolished on the understanding that life should mean life. It is unacceptable that so many serious offenders have been released early to commit further revolting offences.

Murderers must pay the price not just for victims and their families, but for the sake of humanity itself.

I see no point whatsoever in the taxpayer maintaining them in comfort for the rest of their lives in conditions far more civilised than those afforded to their poor forgotten victims.

I hope that the PPP/C Government will find a way in 2022 to deal with these criminals who, over and over, continue to do these acts and allow the Opposition to use them as weapons against the Government.

There’s also the cost of keeping a convicted criminal behind bars for years to consider as well as the victims of crime. We, as a nation, should show that we are tough on crime and tough on criminals as a deterrent to other potential criminals. Safety of the public is paramount under this People’s Progressive Party Administration.

David Adams