LETTER: Mabaruma residents complain of blackouts, lack of water and bad roads


Dear Editor,

Mabaruma in Region One (Barima-Waini) is a new town and we, the people, were looking for improvement, but things have gone from bad to worse, blackout is now the order every day. We get water for one hour every other day. Kumaka is the market area where when it rains, it is always muddy and slushy and garbage is scattered. The Town Clerk needs to implement a proper garbage disposal strategy.

Many of the roads are in a bad state of disrepair, especially the Barabina Road – there are holes and the holes are so deep and muddy that no vehicle, minibus, hire car or even tractor would go into the village. There is only one secondary school in the town and it is out of the village of Barabina. On school days, the secondary school children have to take off their foot wear and walk on the muddy road to and from school and at month-end, the old age pensioners have to cross the big holes and muddy road to collect their pensions and then buy their needs and fetch them home, because no vehicle will take them and their goods back into Barabina.

The Town Clerk is a senior citizen who does not move around much and does not travel to these areas. He lives in a hotel room and the hotel has its own power generator, so blackout does not bother him. The hotel has its own workers to clean garbage in its area, so that is not his problem.

I believe that if those in authority had wanted to improve the living standard of the people and that is the reason the place was made into a town, it is only wise for them to employ people who have skills and energy to address the problems and bring development to the town.

Yours respectfully,
J Hernandes


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