Letter: Leaders have to remember they are there to serve the people


Dear Editor,

Please permit me the space to express some vexing views that may upset some but it has to be said.  This is regarding the parking meter fiasco that seems to be consuming some at City Hall and its impacts on Guyana and our citizens.

Firstly I am not against parking meters but I am completely aghast at how this particular project in Guyana has been implemented.   It has been foisted on the citizenry at such an amazing pace that we can hardly catch our breath. My issues with this project follow:

  1. The fact that all of City Council Councilors it seems (except for Mr Sherod Duncan) sat and allowed this project to be passed with ease makes me very concerned about whose interest these representatives are serving. The lack of consultation for this project was severely lacking. And a few public meetings here and there are not considered consultations in my book. It seems even the police were not consulted on placement of the meters.
  2. This project is ill conceived, lacks consideration for the citizens of the city and the implementation process borders on bullyism.
  3. The fact that the Council will get only 20 percent of the proceeds astounds me. How will this be profitable for MCC?
  4. The fact that the Council has tied Guyana down with this deal for 20 years further astounds me. I trust there is an exit clause in the contract.
  5. The fact that they are now scurrying around and suggesting that persons have to apply for discounts (resident permits) shows that no consideration has been shown for persons working and living in areas. Who in this country on a regular salary can even afford to pay over $20,000 in parking meters? Did they not assess the East Street parking lot pilot which looks like a failure, before going ahead with this one?  Why have we not seen in their advertisements special fixed costs (THAT ARE AFFORDABLE) for residents and business persons.
  6. That there is a legal delay in MCC anticipated commencement in this project further makes me think, these folks are in such a rush to push this project on the people of Guyana that they have not done all the homework.

I completely understand that the MCC needs to get income but there must surely be more creative ways to think about it if leaders would just sit, put their arrogance aside and talk and listen to folks on the ground and maybe, just maybe we can come up with solutions that can work. Leaders have to remember they are there to serve, the citizens put them there with the hope that they would look after the best interest of the people…all the people.

Dr Raquel Thomas-Caesar
Deeply Concerned Guyanese Citizen




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