Letter: Lawlessness has reached epic proportions in this 2-year-old coalition Govt


Dear Editor,

News items in the print and electronic media have revealed the following in the latest saga of the Attorney General and that threatening remarks case. Events are that Justice Franklin Holder is now required to recuse himself from the matter before him. This directive came from the second highest official of this country from the Prime Minister himself. And to add insult to injury the very same Contemptuous Williams whom the contempt matter has been drawn up against, he is the one directed to deliver the message to Justice Holder.  Incredible! Instead of punishing the perpetrator of such a heinous act the Prime Minister has strengthened the hands of the law breaker.

Lawlessness has reached epic proportions in this two-year-old Coalition Government and from all indications the worst is yet to come. To think of it when someone who is supposed to be  the “Guardian and Protector of the law’ could with such ease threaten a judge and be let off the hook like that, tells you the depths to which the state has sunken. Williams in the final analysis was just given a slap on the wrist, like we commonly say”naughty boy”  as if nothing happened. I am still dumbfounded at this latest development.

And lest I forget, The Attorney General has been further equipped with five paid advisors four of whom are judges. If this is not crass backwardness and flagrant disregard for (according to them) our scarce resources. If this is not what it is then what is?

Frankly speaking, the message this Coalition Government is promoting is we can do “practically anything illegal”  and nothing can be done about it. They in their belligerent, spiteful authoritarian self are shouting this fact from the rooftops.

So where are the so called voices of reason like the ABC Countries? What is their take on these latest developments? Are they stunned into silence that no dissenting voice is heard? I remember at the height of their propaganda campaign to get the PPP/C out of office the US Led forces brought on the LEAD  Programme to dictate to the PPP/C the rudiments of “good governance. So I ask the question, where are they now? Have they lost their sense of reason? I rest my case.

Guyana is being governed by a bunch of lawless dictators and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

Respectfully submitted,
Neil  Adams


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