LETTER: Joseph Harmon’s first step out of the box is a tumble


Dear Editor,

Joseph Harmon’s letter to the international community, informing of APNU’s intention to file two election petitions, provides insight to the mind of the man who will lead the Opposition members in Parliament, and it is not a welcome picture.

Joe Harmon speaks of “an illegitimate and fraudulent government that was not lawfully or democratically elected.” It is clear that David Granger has chosen someone who shares his delusions, and we can expect a continuation of that wilful ignorance which began when James Patterson was unilaterally selected; when 32 was deemed equal to 33 and SOPs were replaced with spreadsheets and bedsheets.

Harmon has provided the international community with a dossier that he claims contains “The conclusion of the Chief Elections Officer and our own analysis show that these instances of irregularities are materially sufficient to vitiate the elections on the ground of widespread fraud.”

Harmon seems to have forgotten that the entire international community was present throughout the electoral process (except the Carter Center, who were denied permission by Granger’s COVID-19 Task Force) and are fully cognisant of the actions of all parties involved, particularly the Chief Elections Officer. And consequently, Keith Lowenfield’s testimony on ‘fraudulent activity would be confined to his defence of charges of criminal conduct.

As for “our own analysis”, one would have to ask if this refers to statements of poll in the possession of APNU and GECOM, or Harmon’s sixty letters to Chair Claudette Singh containing random and unfounded claims during the recount process. Either way, delusion reigns supreme.

Parliamentary democracy works best as a governance system when the people are represented by the parties they voted for at the polls. Are the two hundred and fifteen thousand people who cast ballots for APNU+AFC best served by the continued denial of the truth, as evidenced by SOPs and the painstaking recount?

Guyanese on all sides of the political divide want a credible opposition that keeps the ruling party under tight scrutiny, an opposition that earns its keep! Joseph Harmon’s first step out of the box is a tumble. Harmon accuses the Guyana Police Force, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution, and other state agencies of targeting and prosecuting members of the Opposition.

To date, only one person (Chris Jones) belonging to the Opposition has been charged, unless, of course, Messrs Mingo and Lowenfield own PNC party cards (Volda Lawrence is facing private criminal charges).

The international community is well aware of the norms associated with political appointees, who demit office instantly when there is a change in administration. Harmon’s attempt to stay on as Director-General of Dr. Irfaan Ali’s Administration provided levity after five months of struggle for democracy, but, in retrospect, may be an indication of the depth of delusion the man suffers.

Joe Harmon has labelled himself “presumptive Leader of the Opposition”. Surely, he meant Presumptuous: defined as a person who shows little respect for others by doing things they have no right to do.


Robin Singh