Letter: Insinuations that CJRC lease was obtained illegally are appalling

Dear Editor,
The Cheddi Jagan Research Centre (CJRC) is appalled, indeed disgusted, by utterances made by leading functionaries of the APNU-AFC administration which insinuated that the manner in which the lease to the land and building which housed the Centre was obtained illegally.

The inference to be drawn from those statements is that the lease was not only improperly obtained but that there were hidden and ulterior motives on the part of those who were involved.

What the Centre found particularly distasteful was the fact that such statements were made by some of the very persons who claim to embrace the legacy of the Cheddi Jagan but having betrayed the legacy and now in bed with those who conspired to deny Dr Jagan his rightful place in history, they are now seeking to justify their betrayal by making wild and unsubstantiated statements.

It must be emphasized that the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre was established not as a profit making organization but to promote the legacy of one of the finest and most outstanding sons of the Guyanese nation, someone who dedicated his entire life for freedom and democracy and for the building of a united and prosperous country.

As such, Dr Jagan is deserving of a special place in the history of this country. The granting of a building and a piece of land in his honor and memory pales into insignificance when compared to the monumental contribution and sacrifices Dr Jagan made for the overall good of this nation.

It is bad enough to use disparaging statements regarding this great legacy and contributions by the uninformed and from those who historically stood on the opposite side of the political divide but such unsavory comments emanating from those who professed allegiance to the ideals and vision of Dr. Jagan speaks to a level of hypocrisy and opportunism that literally stinks into the high heavens.

The Cheddi Jagan Research Centre has lived up to, and will continue to be a Centre of reading and research into the large body of writings and speeches made by Dr Jagan and in the preservation and promotion of his great legacy at its current location in accordance with our 99 years lease.
Your faithfully,
Cheddi Jagan Research Centre (CJRC)


  1. ”As such, Dr Jagan is deserving of a special place in the history of this country”……Just as how jagdeo is entitled to his Mansion at Pradoville……… another example of bizarre mindset and reasoning at justification ,emanating from Freedumb House !


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