Letter: Harmon remains a devoted accuser

APNU/AFC's Campaign Manager has been at the forefront of pushing the false narrative that there were irregularities on polling day

Dear Editor,

I recall the Leader of the Opposition Joseph Harmon, on more than one occasion, saying that the A Partnership For National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) is asking that the “PPP regime (bring an end) to the discrimination in the distribution of COVID-19 relief grants and hasten its distribution since there are thousands of Guyanese countrywide in desperate need, who are yet to receive their grants.”

First of all, APNU/AFC has no credibility. Harmon has been spearheading a campaign, since post-March 2, 2020, that embodies untruths of the most egregious nature. I will just mention the Statements of Poll and Statements of Recount (SoPs and SoRs) of the March 2020 Guyana Elections. Harmon and his cohorts are even trying to get the courts away from their well-hidden SoPs, especially those decisive Region Four ones, which will embarrass the APNU/AFC and confirm what is public knowledge; the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) won the 2020 elections.

So, when it comes to attacking the PPP/C, the Harmon posse will never be taken seriously. Editor, in the same way that all and sundry are asking to see the APNU/AFC SoPs, I am asking Harmon to bring evidence that the COVID-19 cash grant was distributed in a “discriminatory” manner.

Since he is claiming that “…the coalition has compiled a list of approximately 1710 households that did not benefit from the cash grant,” but received only “…pink slips which appear to be an “empty promise” and others did not receive any, as they were simply ignored by the distribution teams,” then like the demand for SoPs, I request this list and location/identity of these people in a corporeal manner. Accusations carry a “burden of proof” and unless Harmon can substantiate, he will be ignored and life will go on with him merely on the sidelines.

Bordering on the ludicrous, Harmon is claiming that “…close to $1.5 billion from the money that was allocated for the cash grant was siphoned off for political purposes.” Well, prove this is so.

He detailed that the actual amount was derived by virtue of “household surveys” that were actually incorrect. So, he needs to give details of surveyed areas, the number of households, premises with more than one household, and exactly how much money was utilised for necessary expenses in the distribution. By asking for details, I do not mean to quote figures, as was the case in the now-infamous spreadsheet shenanigan, but at least get snapshots, photos and videos of the people, especially when it comes to Region One, where Harmon is “trying a ting,” telling people that some 376 households did not receive the grant, 101 households did not receive the pink slip, while 275 households received pink slips.

I have no need to elaborate further. Harmon and his cronies are clutching at straws. Life in Guyana is moving ahead and his vacuous words are now becoming silent.

I yet again inform readers that the PPP/C’s leaders have already started birthing the idea of a second $25,000 Cash Grant. They have had a few logistical hiccups with the ongoing first wave distribution, but nothing in terms of being surreptitious and dishonest.

Yours truly,
Attiya Baksh