LETTER: Harmon challenged to publicly release the APNU/AFC’s SoPs


Dear Editor,

Over the course of the past few weeks, Mr Joseph Harmon has repeatedly stated that the David Granger Government complies with the rule of law and the Constitution. The duplicity of Mr Harmon’s statements can be exposed by considering the following:

  1. In Gomes vs Attorney General: The High Court ruled that instructions given by Simona Broomes to the Police Service Commission were unlawful and unconstitutional.
  2. In matters filed by Berbice Rice Farmers: The Court ruled that directions given by the President to the MMA to cancel their leases were unconstitutional.
  3. In Jaigobin vs Attorney- General: The Court ruled that directions given by former US citizen Joseph Harmon to the Police Service Commission were unconstitutional. Clearly, Mr Harmon did not learn from the Broomes’ fiasco, as he committed the identical error.
  4. No confidence cases: the CCJ rejected the Government’s argument that 33 is not a majority of 65, and also ruled that the no confidence motion was validly passed. Yet, the Government refused to hold elections in 3 months.
  5. Morian vs AG: Court of Appeal ruled that the President’s appointments of Felix and Scott as technocrats were unconstitutional.

These are only a few examples that expose Harmon’s statement as asinine. Now, if Mr Harmon is serious about the rule of law, which mandates that the public’s access to information is unhindered, then I challenge him to do 2 things within 24 hours:

1: Release APNU/AFC’s statements of poll for public consumption and scrutiny.

2: Provide evidence that he has relinquished his US citizenship.

Unless he does these things, Mr Harmon has no right to say that APNU/AFC complies with the rule of law.

Yours faithfully,

Krishnanandat Arjune