Letter: Guyanese in dire need of a break


Dear Editor,

There is the popular nursery rhyme, “Rain, rain go away.” Indeed, rain, rain, go away, please don’t stay. Do come back another day, so that the whole of Guyana can play.
When will Guyana get a moment to breathe freely? History has revealed that the knee was always on Guyana’s neck. With the changing of time, the tide came, sometimes relaxed, sometimes axed.

But the blunt of its fury has always rolled over to follow generation after generation, gathering more moss on its deadly path. The current rainy season is destroying the little that was left from Guyanese misery.

Overwhelmed with the dangerous repercussions of COVID-19 for the past year, the PPP/C Government is still reeling with this pandemic and fighting to overcome its grip. Now comes this devastation with the rainy season, there is a lot of fingers pointing and, recent revelations on unsuspecting miscreants simply add salt to the wound. You can smell salt air.

Can you smell sabotage? Garbage, blockages, sleeping on the job, poor maintenance, defective job performance, irresponsible workers and the list goes down the line. Is nature acting against the politicians or the people? August 2020 to current, Guyanese were constantly and severely attacked with the perpetration of racial innuendoes from the PNCR party and their surrogates.

The PPP/C government had to deal with this warfare perpetually and Guyanese were tested for their patience and resilience to fan off this cowardice from the PNCR party. Operating in a circus as APNU and AFC, many of their members abandoned their membership and resigned in frustration, after seeing the light for themselves. Inheriting a penniless Treasury, the PPP/C Administration had to deploy all their prudent management capabilities, to captain a rudderless ship and guide it safely to the shore.

The establishment of a legally elected PPP/C party with a legitimate President, paved the way for the establishment of friendly international relationship once again. Guyana found itself enjoying favourable concessions and immediate help poured in to assist in the reduction of a burdensome situation.

From 2015 to 2020, Guyana has suffered from increased taxes to the small man getting smaller and the middle man getting fingered. Dishonesty, lies, deceits, tongue twisting and indignity riled as the rooster with Granger at the helm. Thanks to the PNCR Administration, the ultimate masquerade in sheep’s clothing, Guyana had to pay for all of that party’s corruption, collusion, financial misappropriations, raping of the Treasury and bankrupting the economy of the country once again. The little savings left from the former PPP/C Administration was not only eaten, but the rogues dug deeper holes for their successor to first fill.

It was bacchanal time to make up overnight from an absence of 23 years. Guyanese were once again devastated and had to be suppressed with a poverty level as standard living.

Dictatorship surfaced to allow a NCM to be moved, a GECOM Chairman to be illegally appointed, an election date to be delayed, an election process to be derailed, major court battles to be ensued, flagrant and glaring attempts to rig the election and the rights of Guyanese to be trampled on and taken away. Of Course, the PNCR party hugged all credits for these negativities.

At the end of the day, Guyanese were saved further embarrassment and disgrace, when the entire international community strongly objected to Granger and his cabal from looting an election, in particular the USA. By the stroke of luck and the US sanctions, Granger was booted out and ordered to step aside or else! Grudgingly and angrily, the PNCR demitted office involuntarily and there began a campaign of retribution and retaliation for all Guyanese to suffer pain and anxiety, and, to become disgruntled with the PNCR’s callous and devious agenda.

While 1992 to 2015 brought a number of relief measures to Guyana through the legitimate installation of the PPP/C party, again with the assistance of the US Government, Guyanese were short changed because of the demonic attributes of the devilish PNCR party. After 28 years of dictatorship from Burnham and Hoyte’s presidency, Guyana was brought down to the gutters and laid ruined, discarded and disposed to the scavengers.

Only because of the astute management from a trustworthy and patriotic PPP/C Government, they were able to pull Guyana back from the jaws of death and resuscitated life back into a dying economy and allowed Guyanese to thrive in their strides. Progress and prosperity slowly began to shape the future of Guyana and people’s life style was augmented by a caring Administration who truly worked with the people’s interest at heart. But again, the rollercoaster took its flattened curve as complacency stepped in and a degree of negativity slowly creeped in to rupture a puncture.

A Donald Ramotar-led presidency saw a PPP/C minority Government in power, losing control of their dominancy with the PNCR stifling all projects, blocking all proposals and dismantling growth. An inflated balloon became inflamed with too much air and the bottom of the bucket dropped out as the AFC party made inroads to many hometowns and took advantage of misconceptions and deceptions. The PPP/C was strangled and victory was narrowly wrenched from their strong hold. Again, Guyanese were left at the mercy of the demonic PNCR party.

During the premiership of Cheddi Jagan, Guyana was on the verge of a transition but as luckless Guyanese, Jagan was perceived to be a politician with policies not in the best interest of England and not amicable with Americans. The PPP ruled under the colonial masters’ dictates and they were a governing party without power.

They did manage to institute many changes which brought some measure of relief to the Guyanese population who began to gradually stride from colonialism to an independent state. But the deviousness of a radical and crafty Burnham spoiled the party and racial segregation was induced as the British introduced a first past the post to replace a PR system. The UF joined forces with the PNC as the UK and USA ensured that Jagan was ousted from power. Guyana never survived any lengthy period without some form of antagonism, internally and externally. Guyanese always suffered from brute force and ignorance from one source to another and are in dire need of a break. When will they enjoy that dream?

Yours respectfully,
Jai Lall