LETTER: GRANGER – Rewrites Grading System


I am flabbergasted that  the President  give himself and the government a Grade A and at the same time his Minister of Finance, defends the taxing on Education as something good.   This demonstrates the incoherent strategies employed by this government.   The failed socialist policies are once again coming to the forefront.  I am now suspicious that the objective and intent of this Government is to fail? and as a result see mass migration for which they would benefit at the polls.

Many ordinary citizens choose to send their children to private schools due to many reasons instead of the Public Schools.   This should be beneficial to the Government, as they save our tax payers money to put back in the public education system.  Simple equation, teachers still have to be hired whether public or private, children still have to get an education, why then tax the private system?   The money the government saves on not having to expand the current buildings or pay measly wages to public teachers, should allow them to put it back in to the economy.   Simply nonsense by the President and his Finance Minister.

President Granger basically is setting the stage for his campaign 2020 or before message.  Sorry, Citizens we had to clean up the PPP mess therefore the economy had to collapse.   One just had to examine the numbers pre-1992 when the PNC was voted out compared to the numbers at 2015 when the PPP was voted out and would realize the madness at this statement by the President. It signals the President is out of touch with the perils that the citizenry is confronted with during the past 18 months. The diameter of issues ranging from high crime rates to extremely high taxes.

The economy was booming prior to 2015, jobs were there, money was in circulation, our exchange rate was stable, the tax system was netting enough to keep the economy flowing, transformative projects were put in place, then what the heck is the President talking about? Any common person can tell you that their lives are much harder now than it was prior to May 2015.

The question for each of us?  If the PPP had left such a mess, and it will take five years to clean up, then as you clean up, much more money should be in circulation in the economy.  This is not so Mr. President, your economic policies have a stamp of failure written all over it.   We need to get on with the business of managing our nation.    Ask your Finance Minister to give you measurable indicators before you make statements that your Government should get a Grade A, for incompetence maybe.

The foreign currency earners are taking a beating from this government as they are starved of support , just have a quick look at Sugar production which is at an all-time low, Capital Flight on the rise with Exchange Rates regulations- a proven failed policy, Exchange Rates on the Rise, and sliding sporadically, declining GDP after decades of solid growth are just some of the indicators.  Citizens complaining of the new 200+ Taxes on their livelihood, housing market collapse, forestry sector sharp decline,  discretionary dollars much less for each family, VAT on Water and Electricity. In arriving at a Grade A , I would like to see your score sheet. Mr. President, ‘ c’mon man.’

Peter R. Ramsaroop


  1. I second you on that I have been saying this along time now but the citizen is still sleeping on this government fake promise
    They need to understand a promise is for a fool I’m not sure how many fools is still in Guyana


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