LETTER: GPL’s performance is unacceptable


Dear Editor,

The treatment meted out recently by the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) to the residents of Ocean View, Uitvlugt has been reprehensible.

For more than a decade, the two western blocks of Ocean View, Uitvlugt have experienced severe problems with the transformer.  Since the start of this year, there have been an increasing number of disruptions and explosions of the transformer which have resulted in long blackouts. GPL’s response has become disturbingly slothful and neglectful.

The last two weeks have been especially atrocious.  Just before midnight on 28th July, 2017, there was an explosion in the transformer. Although numerous reports were immediately made to GPL, the Emergency Response Crew came some 12 hours later to address the problem. The remedy lasted for a mere six hours because the transformer exploded again at 18:00 (6pm) on 29th July, 2017. This time the area endured a blackout of more than 18 hours by the time the Crew showed up. This reprieve was brief as it was followed by two successive blackouts to the grid.

On Tuesday night, a small explosion was heard from the transformer at 7pm. A report was made and the Emergency Crew came at 21:00 hrs (9pm). The Crew members informed us that they are the Georgetown Emergency Crew and so they will not fix the transformer. Incredibly, we were advised that the problem will be addressed the following day by the West Demerara Emergency Crew. Editor, at the time on of writing, 15 hours later, the crew is yet to show.

I cannot overemphasize the inconvenience and discomfort this situation has caused. Shopkeepers in the area have suffered significant losses.  Moreover, extended periods of darkness are especially concerning in these troubled times.

GPL should engage the residents on the causes for the frequent disruptions to this transformer and above all should work with the community to remedy the situation.


Leo Ramotar


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