Letter: Govt is managing the economy, country and politics excellently

The Dr Irfaan Ali-led Cabinet

Dear Editor,

Guyana’s PPP Government seems to be managing the socioeconomic and political affairs of our country excellently, compared to the previous administration’s chaotic five-year reign in office.

Last year, the PPP Administration rolled out the massive programmes which again saw the Public Servants, frontline workers, pensioners, sugar workers, farmers, rice farmers, families, and households all benefit from cash grants, flood relief, and other forms of ministerial interventions.

Compared to this, I feel the citizens of Guyana got only taxes, more headaches, and confusing policies and sinister changes from the APNU+AFC Administration throughout its tenure.

I feel a sense of calamity prevailing in our society despite the justified concern about the cost of living in our society, which is being addressed by competent authorities in the drafting of policies in Budget 2022. I am confidently saying this year’s budget would be exciting and would be the biggest budget to date.

Not to steal the Finance Minister’s thunder, but the budget might include the big projects and another installment of socioeconomic measures designed at targeting the poor, vulnerable and elderly in society.

I hope to see more welfare and targeted fiscal measures for Guyana’s people clearly outlined in the budget. I have reason to believe that another promise would be among the estimates this year. Things are certainly looking up for Guyanese this year, but do not take my word for it, let us wait and see.

Also, this calamity at the household level is partial, because the Government knows what it is doing, despite the few hurdles placed in the heel of development by unscrupulous businessmen and ordinary folks who are greedy and want the same environment they had in the post-2015 and pre-2022 period.

No more unfair advantage or special treatment is being doled out to businesses because of political affiliation or link to prominent personalities. I see a more level playing field for contracts and procurement now, which would only get better with time and a strict adherence policy.

The Government seems to be monitoring and handling the public purse efficiently and effectively, as instances of overspending, breaches in procurement guidelines, contactor breaches, and lack of accountability and transparency are being dealt with according to the letter of the law now.

As for corruption, I think the PPP Government is weeding it out whenever and wherever it rears its ugly head, compared to the horror-like stories of what had obtained during the APNU+AFC Administration as they lorded over Guyana, which was splashed across the daily newspapers, tv news, and social media.

The PPP Administration is working feverishly on building the necessary capacity and management systems in every area of the local, regional, and national governance system. In this respect, the main pieces of legislation which were promised to the people were delivered. These laws include the historic and modern Local Contents Act, The Natural Resources Fund Act, Human Organs Transplant Act, Deeds Registry Act, Petroleum (exploration and production) (Amendment) Act, and the Firearms Act, among others.

This year, the parliamentary agenda is stacked with more changes to laws, keeping them updated and modern.

Finally, the PPP Government is managing the politics that are becoming toxic and tricky in Guyana. The party is aware of its political promises made to Guyanese, so it is accomplishing the same regardless of the critiques, while the main Opposition is in shambles and trying to present a formidable Opposition front. The governing party must not just govern for its supporters, but for all of Guyana. This PPP Government has ensured it put in place the right policies to further the lives of the ordinary man too, and its commitment to holding Local Government polls this year will be a test.

Unemployment, underemployment of youths, social ills, and management of COVID-19 pandemic are still a work-in-progress for, seemingly, this PPP Administration to address sufficiently in the long term.

I am pleasantly surprised with the sterling management of our oil and gas sector, and the prudent management of the fiscal responsibility procedures taken to safeguard Guyana’s resources. I am not surprised, however, by the zeal and commitment shown by the President, Prime Minister, Vice President, and the Ministers to ensure Guyana is blazing the socioeconomic trail of development trajectory.
In one year, Guyana is back on its feet.

Yours truly,
Michael Younge