Letter: Duplicity and delaying tactics are signature statements of the PNC


Dear Editor,

There is the saying that goes like this: There is nothing new under the sun. And this saying rings true when you view the actions of the PNC party. These two recognisable features are evident in every turn that party makes: they lie, cheat, and are most deceptive. These qualities are notorious when it comes to that party.

Now, seeing there are instances too numerous to mention when you come to talk about that party, I will stick to two notable features of theirs in recent times. The first is Mr Norton’s no-show at the scheduled consultation meeting with the President. Clearly, this obnoxious loudmouth had nothing intelligent to say, so he’d rather stay away. And I do not disagree with him, because if you do not have anything sensible to speak about, then shut up and stay away; but do have the decency to inform His Excellency the President of your absence.

So, I sympathise with Norton for being that foolish to shy away from the President when he fully well knew that he was not going to be there. But such is the nature of the beast in the Opposition that they are going to try every delaying tactic available to them until they run out of options. Poor souls!

And this brings us right into the next point; that is: to parallel the results of the 1997 General Elections of President Janet Jagan with prior PNC tactics of duplicity. On a related note, where is Joey Jagan? Haven’t heard of this staunch supporter of the PNC/APNU lately? Is he in good health? Just asking? While I await an answer from the press, let me proceed.

In that election of 1997, Hoyte lost to Janet Jagan by a landslide (something I predict will happen again, come next election). Not willing to accept defeat, Hoyte and his hoodlums took to the streets in the worst form of thuggery, claiming that the election was rigged.
Their main concern was that the law governing persons to vote only by way of an Identification Card (ID Card) constituted an illegal act, hence the election should be considered null and void.

Now, when you do a background check of that claim, you will see that it was the PNC who clamoured for the institution of that law into the lawbooks, thinking in their warped mindset that it would have disenfranchised the Indian voter and eke them out a win. This did not occur, and it incensed them to riot and disgrace themselves.

The present GECOM Chairwoman heard that election petition, and after two years of thorough deliberations, ruled that there should be fresh elections. Well, the PNC got their wish, or so it seemed, because the results never changed, the same margin of defeat was afforded them.

The point I am making is that it was the same PNC who insisted they were being disadvantaged at elections, hence the enactment of the vote with ID Card Law being put in place. But look again and you see the very same PNC baulking at the very same law when they lost. The fact is the PNC are expert double-talkers and pretty slippery in the duplicitous trade, like we say in Creole, “Look people, just guh deh.” It is high time for this foolishness to stop.

Neil Adams