Letter: Disrespect to the people of Guyana


Dear Editor,

It is with utter disgust that I write. The budget debates have begun, and what a show it was! As a Guyanese, I felt ashamed and disrespected. I was speechless when I read what transpired in the Parliament on Monday, 22nd February 2021.

From personal attacks to the display of a sex toy in Parliament makes me wonder “What next?” A woman attacking a man’s ability to father a child is the lowest of them all. The taunting of the LGBT community was a clear depiction of how low these “politicians” are willing to go.

Bear in mind that this was coming from both sides of the house. These are the very people who were elected by the citizens of Guyana to represent them.

With regard to the Member of Parliament who made remarks about the ability of another to have children, I wonder if she realises that some of her supporters may be childless too! Imagine how offended and hurt they may have felt. The MPs who made remarks about the sexuality of others, I wonder if they realise that their support might also have come from members of the LGBT community.

An MP was also told to go mourn her father! I am appalled at what transpired at the opening of the 2021 Budget debates. These are the people whom we elected to make representation for us and to propose legislation. These are the people who are expected to bring about change, yet they acted in the most unprofessional, uncouth and childish manner. I am not sure I would even allow my child to watch or read what transpired on Monday, let alone follow the remainder of the budget debates.

Our Members of Parliament stooped to the lowest of lows. From what occurred yesterday, we, as Guyanese, have little to look forward to. If what is in Parliament is the best of the best, then that leaves little to be desired, and even less to hope for!

Mr Speaker, take control of the house! You are there to ensure the MPs are kept in line and follow the rules of the house. I ask you, Mr Speaker, to exercise your authority and execute your roles to the expectation of every Guyanese.

I call on every Member of Parliament to exercise some restraint and caution as they continue the budgetary debates. Remember that you were elected to represent the masses, irrespective of the condition of their health and sexuality. Remember that you are being watched, and even emulated. Show some professionalism and exercise some control in what will prove to be some challenging days ahead.

I can’t help but wonder if these politicians would ever put the interest of every Guyanese first. The attacks were very personal and, to some extent, even inhumane. These aren’t qualities we would want in people representing our interests.

It is my hope that the Members of Parliament would heed the call to be professional and set an admirable example for the future of Guyana.

Yours faithfully,
I Ram