LETTER: Delaying tactics to stall the elections


Dear Editor,
When the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) gave its ruling, there should have been strict adherence to the dictates of the law which states;
(a) Parliament should be dissolved and the Cabinet, including the President, must resign forthwith.
(b) The Government must thereafter operate in a caretaker capacity.
(c) The President must set a date for General and Regional Elections.
(d) The handpicked appointee for the GECOM Chair must be revoked and a new Chairman selected from a list given by the leader of the opposition.
Now, Mr Granger has done none of the above and in an open violation of the court, is making all sorts of double talk on issues that have nothing to do with the ruling of the court. In this regard, he is hell-bent on an illegal contemptuous course of stay in office. It is quite clear now that Mr Granger is on a three card con game to openly violate the Constitution and delay the inevitable. But try as he might, he cannot outrun the Constitution because the law is the law and it must be respected.
Granger knows what will be his fate at the polls, there is no doubt about that, his prospects look grim with each passing day. So, this President is exploring every avenue to do the despicable thing of trying to stave off a meet with the electorate.
As predicted, he is going down the path of engaging Jagdeo in another eddying circle of discussions on the way forward. These discussions, like those that preceded his unilateral appointment of Mr Patterson, never amounted to anything of significance and there is no indication that this other round will result in a decision either. So, here we go again.
In the same vein, the present GECOM Chairman is planning to write to the CCJ as a point of clarity as to what it meant when they said his unilateral appointment was illegal. And dare I say, what bunk! Mr Patterson, who is a retired legal person, should know the meaning of the term “illegal appointment”. What is there so technical to understand? So, like his President, that nonsensical statement of his is just another delaying tactic, pure and simple.
At the same time, we see an activated age-old PNC tactic of fear and intimidation with these threats being issued by the various Ministers of Government. Threats are coming from the Finance Minister with his “war break” comments and from the Prime Minister. They are both preaching the message of violence. These two pathetic souls must realise that Guyanese are sick and tired of the fear and corruption this Government has plunged this country into, and can hardly wait to register their most profound disapproval of this Administration in the next general election. So, your threats are only solidifying our resolve to vote you out of office.
Finally, Mr Granger cannot continue to disregard the CCJ’s ruling which is very definitive and final. At this stage of the political game, strict compliance is required.

Neil Adams