LETTER: Crime situation becoming unbearable


Dear Editor,

Within recent times there are constant reports from every section of the media on daily armed robberies, home invasions, carjacking and wanton lawlessness. These acts are becoming so prevalent and done with such impunity, several times each day, that it is only a matter of time before they become acceptable as social norms.

They will be become ingrained as acceptable social behaviours, because those who are responsible for the preservation of law and order are either often found being actively involved in criminal behaviours and those that are not involved are least concerned. Civil society is then left defenseless to the mercy of those who chose to wreak havoc on their lives.

It takes the average Guyanese more than courage and brevity to live in this society. It borders on luck, but how long will it last for those who have not yet suffered from these brazen acts of violence and mayhem? The only consolation from the agency whose motto is “to protect and serve” is the nice statistics that crime is on the decline, and the usual conclusion on every media report that “an investigation has been launched”, and thereafter faded into permanent obscurity.

Yours faithfully,

Selwyn Narinedatt



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