Letter: Credible Opposition is necessary

New PNC Leader Aubrey Norton

Dear Editor,

There is a clip circulating on social media of Opposition and PNC/APNU Leader Aubrey Norton. The clip was taken from Mr Norton’s most recent press conference, during which he read a prepared statement. In a flight of fantasy, Mr Norton claimed that the protesters who stormed Mon Repos market on June 28th and inflicted beatings, robberies, and millions of dollars in damage to the properties of their hapless Indo-Guyanese victims were sent by the governing PPP.

Not only is this claim absurd, but it inflicts further damage to Mr Norton’s already waning credibility, and does a serious disservice to this country at a time when the country is poised to reap significant financial and other benefits from oil and gas.

What Mr. Norton fails to realise is that the country needs a strong and credible Opposition party and Opposition Leader, to provide the necessary checks and balances and to be the guardians of the nation’s finances, particularly during this time. If this is Mr Norton’s posture now, how does he expect to be taken seriously when he is actually speaking the truth?

Thomas Cole