Letter: Could APNU/AFC make a comeback?


Dear Editor,

In the parliamentary system, the Opposition works assiduously to win the next elections by putting forward its own better proposals for Government and by exposing the weaknesses of the policies of the ruling Government.

It also shows their skill in managing Parliament and getting the best out of it for their constituents. it also shows to the electorate, that as a Government, it would be free of corruption and have no association with that evil and would never condone or tolerate Government servants to be corrupt.

Astonishingly and sadly, the APNU/AFC Opposition is working to lose the next elections rather than to win them. They are doing this by:

(i) Not exposing the weaknesses of the policies of the present Government and not proposing any alternative policies. They have told the electorate that they have completely abdicated governance to a more able PPP/C and instead, they would spend their time crying out “race” and “Africans are being discriminated against” and would hope to garner votes. This race shout does not work anymore since people regard it as a meaningless shout of politicians.

(ii) Instead of distancing and disassociating themselves from corruption and illegalities, they are sullying their image by continuing to associate with notorious persons who are on charges such as the GECOM officials or the officer from the Lands and Surveys Department. The electorate will not elect any party which condones corruption.

(iii) In Parliament, the Opposition members have not seriously taken on the PPP/C in debate and have been exposing themselves as incompetent and spend their time trying to disrupt Parliament by shouting insults and abuse at the PPP/C members. In one of their sessions of bad behaviour when they kept running in and out of the Chamber instead of engaging the PPP/C in debate, the PPP/C quietly held their seats and passed the Budget, thus outmanoeuvring them. And when they hastily went to the courts to try to correct the results of their foolish rowdiness, the courts told them it was too late. The message sent to the electorate is that the PPP/C could always outmanoeuvre the Opposition who would always be losers and no one supports a loser.

(iv) The APNU/AFC members have shown no decorum or good manners or knowledge of parliamentary procedures while the PPP/C side behaved decently. The Guyanese electorate would not elect ignorant ruffians or buffoons.

(v) The APNU/AFC leaders often take contradictory positions which shows a lack of leadership and coordination and an inability to govern. No electorate, not even old-time PNC members will elect persons who would embarrass and fail them.

(vi) APNU/AFC has to work very hard to erase from itself the deep stain of being undemocratic by dissociating itself completely from its undemocratic friends and supporters and members. Except they do this, there is absolutely no possibility of their winning the next elections.

They could still make a comeback if they could manage to do the rectifications suggested.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Validum