Letter: Conditions are really deplorable at the New Amsterdam Hospital


Dear Editor,

There are certain stories you might readily dismiss for lack of real evidence, but the recent coverage given by a first-time mother of the deplorable and unsanitary conditions existing at the New Amsterdam Hospital is the reason for me writing.

This Region 6 medical institution has been in the news for some time now, and for all the wrong reasons; and it is high time some attention be paid to the goings-on there, in order for them to be remedied immediately!

We are talking here about a medical institution which should exude the ambiance of a place of comfort and cleanliness; where one can feel at home either for the delivery of a newborn, even to the point of seeing one last day of absolution and dying; this is what a hospital should be.

It is not a place where one would like to see animals roaming the hallway, or where filth and uncleanliness exist; certainly not! So, as a Berbician myself, I would like the responsible authorities to urgently address the matter.

That photograph of a flock of sheep trapped in the hallway of the institution is utterly despicable, and is something that readily evokes revulsion in the hearts of anyone who would have cause to visit the hospital. The presence of farmyard animals in the hallway of a building reveals two glaringly nauseating facts: (a) The animals have seen ample grazing in the compound and were attracted therein; which brings us unto the other aspect, (b) How is the grounds-keeping at the institution being performed? are the lawns well-groomed or kept in a poor condition? The situation which is more likely the scenario here is that there is a great degree of laxity where the upkeep of the grounds is concerned, where animals are “invited” in due to unkept grounds.

And I would like to highlight the fact that, even in the interior of the building, which is the concern of this new mother, regular mopping and sanitisation is woefully lacking, posing a health risk to patients of the institution.

This is unacceptable under any circumstance, so I am appealing to the Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony, to make a surprise visit to the institution and get these matters fixed.

Neil Adams