Letter: Come on Mr Mayor, stop being so petty


Dear Editor,

I listened today (Tuesday) with complete horror and distress to the most recent press conference hosted by the Mayor and a few Councillors of the city of Georgetown in what was a feeble attempt to address the current brouhaha regarding the appointment of a Town Clerk. It was like the circus comes to town, but not in a good way!

Let us forget for a moment what was done to the Queen’s English and focus on the absurd war that has been declared by the Mayor and a few of his Councillors against the Local Government Commission and the collateral damage that is being done to the officer corps, particularly the new Town Clerk.

When the Mayor says that he will not respect the new Town Clerk, what does he mean to say? That he will not have due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of this young lady? Because that is the literal meaning of what he said. I hope he meant to say that he does not propose officially recognising her as the new Town Clerk, because as infantile as that would be, it would be more acceptable in the modern world of today.

He keeps putting forward the false narrative that the former acting Town Clerk was demoted. She was not. All that happened was that she was returned to her substantive post as Assistant Town Clerk. In fact, if the city were not so unprincipled, they would have known that each time any officer who is acting proceeds on their vacation leave they have to return to their substantive post and the requirement is that they have to be nominated and approved to act again. But not at the Council, everyone automatically continues to act upon their return as though it is their right to do so, but then again everyone knows the venality of their HR department.

Can you believe that the Mayor then arrogates to himself the function to determine who is competent, qualified and suitable. This is just astounding. If the persons that he had in the past are so erudite, adroit and worthy, then how did Georgetown get into the state that it is in currently?

He then goes on to say that he is undertaking this battle on behalf of the citizens of Georgetown. Well, I have news for him, the citizens are sick to their stomachs of the Georgetown City Council, and would like to see all those square pegs removed from those round holes at City Hall.

Come on Mr Mayor, stop being so petty by trying to seize the vehicle and preventing the new Town Clerk from accessing her office. Let the work of the city go on. Suck it up and move on.

Anu Bihari