Letter: Basil Williams has again misadvised Granger


Dear Editor,

Since May 2015, upon the coming to Office of the Granger administration, they have done a very good job making ordinary people not associated with the PNC feel as if they are not Guyanese. What the Granger Government has not done is invest in the core needs of the nation to bring greater hope and social cohesion in the society. Rather, their clear agenda seems to be one of national strife and disunity. The latest case of this agenda of war, not peace is the Red House brouhaha.

Red House belongs to the State. As the temporary custodian of the Government, the Granger cabal says they want back the RED HOUSE. That is fine, they can cancel the lease, and no rational mind will dispute that. However, there is a right way or a wrong way to do things. There is a civil way or a low-class way to do things.

People with class and high moral values would have written the Hydar Ally and the rest of the PPP and tell them the lease is now cancelled and please vacate the building after 30 days, but if you so need, we shall give you a further 30 days, but in 60 days’ time please vacate the building.

Now I am sure Hydar Ally would have asked Anil Nandalal to run to court to seek a stay of the execution of that instruction from the Granger administration, but he would have failed because no judge in their right mind would want to reject such a high-class approach seeking the vacation of the property and even if a judge grants a stay of execution of the decision, it can be appealed and so forth and so forth but final judgment would have still be issued sometime in the future, but the PPP would have been seen as the bullies who are paying $1,000 a month for a $200,000 per month property.

But Basil Williams again misadvised the President and has put the PNC in hot pepper sauce politically. So the PNC thugs turn up, padlock the people inside and pull down and trample on the sign with the name Cheddi Jagan all being quietly filmed and then a second gang of thugs, headed by Volda Lawrence, turned up to enforce this gross act of intimidation and naked bullyism.

Guess what the Guyanese people are remembering and guess whom they are rewarding politically? They are remembering the PNC thugs pulling down the Cheddi Jagan sign and trampling on it and they are remembering the PNC thugs and they are remembering the untruth that Basil Williams said in court and guess who they are rewarding come 2020?

The PPP will never let the people forget this open act of bullyism from the PNC and to their benefit, they shall milk this video to ensure that every person of a voting age that is favourable to the PPP are in that polling station voting for the PPP. I am convinced that come 2020, the PPP will pull 205,000 votes in 2020. Granger and the PNC will struggle to pull even 190,000 votes naturally and will have to re-establish the old PNC rigging machine to facilitate a win.

It is the time for the PPP to bring this situation to the Americans and it is important that Bharat Jagdeo goes to Washington.


Jai (Harry) Lall



  2. Unfortunately, the Granger Administration either has been given BAD advise from day one. or doesn’t really give a damn on how things are done. I agree there is an appropriate and professional way of doing things, but the people who have condemned the PPP, is behaving the same way, the only difference is the “letters” of the party. It’s disgraceful and embarrassing at the same time, his Administration is not much different to the Administration of the USA, and he is sneakingly implementing some of the US attitude into Guyana, if you read between the lines . The writing is on the wall, the PPP will get back into office, next election, if not, it will be a miracle.


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