Letter: Approach, attitude of City Hall’s leadership need to change


Dear Editor,

As a resident of Region Four and as a prominent businessman in the city of Georgetown for over 40 years, words are inadequate to describe my frustration over the state of this entire garden city.

I am confident that no amount of financial resources can uplift the city from this obnoxious state. What the city needs are young, enthusiastic and competent individuals, not geriatrics to run it. We all should stop the politics that has brought the city to this sad state of affairs.
The Opposition APNU/AFC has been in total control since independence in 1966. Looking at the edifice of the City Hall, it is irrefutable that this is a reflection of the leadership of the municipality.

I have two business houses in Georgetown, and I am paying Pooran Brothers Incorporated one million dollars to remove and clear my garbage annually. Over the past twenty years, never one day has City Hall removed or cleared the garbage from my establishments, and this is certainly the case with other businesses.

I have to clean my drains, which costs me over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars per year. City Hall has not been providing any services to the business community. However, what we are constantly greeted and bombarded with are threats with property re-evaluation and increase in taxes.

Editor, I must bring to your attention that I am paying the sum of one million and five thousand dollars for two businesses in Georgetown. The big question is: Why am I paying this money, and for what service? Georgetown is the home of thousands of businesses and tens of thousands of residences. The revenue collected is enormous, but because of poor management and vision, the city is always cash strapped. I guarantee that, with proper, prudent and competent management free from political interference, Georgetown can return to its glory days as the Garden City of the Caribbean; and believe me, Dear Editor, without one cent subsidy or grant from Central Government.

It is indeed my desire to see the total reconstruction of this small City in the near future. When that happens, business owners and residents would be willing to pay more for the city’s services, and those who are not paying would be motivated to pay. If the leadership of City Hall do not change their approach and attitude, no amount of oil wealth would benefit us.

Nazar Mohamed