LETTER: APNU/AFC bent on taking Guyana down a destructive path

Leaders of the APNU/AFC at a previous political rally.

Dear Editor:

Guyana must again hang its head in infamy, and its citizens live with humiliation. Our country most certainly has entered the record books, as we now have the longest-ever election process in the world. Now, when Guyanese go abroad, they would be remembered for Jim Jones and the world’s longest election.

Never has our country, even under the ruinous days of Mr Forbes Burnham, descended to such low ebb. Our country had the entire OAS convene a special meeting to discuss the Guyana situation. Such notoriety is reserved for the worst of the lot, and this is what Mr Granger has done to us.

As I looked at the OAS meeting, I could not help but feel ashamed, as a Guyanese, after I listened to the presentations of Attorney-General Mr Basil Williams and Foreign Affairs Minister Karen Cummings at a meeting of the OAS on July 21, 2020. These officials went into the gutter and lied to the OAS. It tells me that there is no shame the cabal would not endure or perpetuate in order to hold on to power.

It also seems to me that Mr Williams and Dr Cummings are not only telling lies, but they very much believe them. How else can we explain that they did not even flinch once as they sat stoically and addressed the OAS? Indeed, they are a special kind of human, who apparently lie without any remorse, no doubt intent on perpetuating their guilty ways.

As I consider the actions of the ruling cabal, I am reminded of the stories I read and heard from the holy books. Whatever your faith, each religion has captured episodes of evildoers seeking to impose their reign and way. But as those good books have taught us, evil never triumphs. I am sure that, as time has recorded and history reminds us, these evildoers also will not win.

Yours sincerely,

Liebert Alleyne