Letter: Amanza Walton-Desir should resign over racist remarks


Dear Editor,

I have listened to a recording of APNU/AFC MP Amanza Walton-Desir on a chat show with David Hinds. I was disturbed to hear her describe the PPP’s support base, whom she said is “predominantly Indo-Guyanese” as “a bunch of mentally lazy people”. She went on to state that PNC supporters are more inquisitive and concerned about the democratic process.

I don’t need to go on about the racist overtones overloaded in that statement. Anyone with a working brain can see that what this individual said is a racist remark. Every single right-minded Guyanese should condemn her for her remarks. I trust they will condemn her as they did when Bheri Ramsaran and Anil Nandlall made offensive remarks about particular groups of people.

I call on the ERC to prosecute her for such remarks. I also call on her to resign from Parliament, as such a deviant, hate-filled mind should not represent Guyanese in the legislative process of this country.

Yours truly,
Suresh Kissoon