LETTER: A united Guyana is paramount to fight COVID-19


Dear Editor:

COVID – 19; the pandemic that is creating havoc across the world is here upon us and certainly does not distinguish to whom the virus should be spread. Guyana does not have the technology nor the finances, and expertise comparable to most countries across the world, to deal with a virus of this magnitude.  Hence our response to this most dreaded virus is vastly inadequate. In the circumstances, Guyana needs an environment of unity and stability to resist the spread of COVID – 19.

Sadly, however, rather than the nation collectively working together to prevent the spread of the coronavirus we are witnessing a defeated President and his elite bunch of squatters still holding themselves in office against the will of the people one month after the electorate had spoken. The tactics used are frightening and heinous, similar to those rigged elections of the 70’s and 80’s, the old PNC is definitely at work. Granger needs to stop hiding behind the slogan that GECOM is an independent constitutional body and that he cannot interfere in their work when even a primary school student knows the truth.

Mr caretaker President, the buck stops with you, get a hold of yourself, you are, and rightfully so, being held accountable by this nation for all the dangers the citizens are being exposed to. Stop being stubborn, stop listening to your ‘rigging cabal’ and do the decent thing and allow for the transparent tabulation of the Region 4 votes and the verified declaration expected of GECOM.

You promised to abide by the ruling of the Court, the Full Court has now spoken, so, for once fulfill your promise with dignity. Hold yourself responsible, act now, let everyone who seems bent on taking Guyana down a dangerous path know that you are the authority, and stop this charade now!

All Guyanese are clamouring for peace and harmony, even your all-weather supporters demand that. Use the ruling of the Full Court as the reason to walk away proudly like a true statesman so that Lawrence and company do not cast blame on you. It is not the end of the world, life goes on.   You know the numbers from the SOPs in your possession. Allow the process for a peaceful transition of government. Let everyone on all sides of the political divide collectively fight the spread of COVID-19.  A united Guyana is paramount against COVID-19. O beautiful Guyana.


Parasram Persaud