Let’s use 2017 to achieve national healing, racial harmony and unity – Jagdeo

Following is the New Year’s Message to the Guyanese nation from Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Dr. Bharrat Message , M.P. 

I join all Guyanese at home and abroad in welcoming the New Year 2017 which I hope will deliver goodwill, higher standards of living, equity and justice as well as massive economic development for our people, regardless of their race, religious belief or political persuasion.  
As we reflect on the significant challenges encountered in 2016, we must recommit ourselves to redoubling our efforts to ensure that we overcome those that lie ahead this year.
It is my belief that 2017 must be used as the year to achieve national healing and reconciliation, racial harmony and unity.
Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

As a nation we must also strive to work together to achieve our broad objectives of creating an economy that is resilient, diversified, green and capable of withstanding the shocks caused by international financial crises and generating jobs and income for our people. Social services, including the delivery of quality health care and education and the welfare of the elderly and disadvantaged must be given greater priority. 

We can ill-afford this year to have more executive lawlessness, divisiveness, poor economic management and partisan ”social cohesion initiatives. It is my hope that our National Assembly will rise to a new level where more meaningful consultation, political cooperation and consensus are the order of the day.

The People’s Progressive Party Civic will continue to lobby and fight for the rights of the Guyanese people at every level. We will seize every opportunity to ensure that good governance prevails and higher levels of transparency and accountability are evident in Government’s business and undertakings.

I wish all Guyanese a happy and prosperous New Year.


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