Let’s disband Parliament and hold fresh elections – Political Activist

Peter Ramsaroop.
Peter Ramsaroop.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Chairman of Vision Guyana – a political movement – Dr. Peter Ramsaroop has called on President Donald Ramotar to disband the 10th Parliament and call fresh General Elections ahead of it 2016 schedule.

Dr. Ramsaroop in a statement issued on Friday, October 18 criticised the opposition, opining that it has not presented any plans for Guyana’s development two years after the 2011 General Elections. He believes the opposition has rather blocked every major initiative that will ensure the nation’s growth.

He continues to stand by a previous sentiment expressed which stated that the Opposition’s Manifesto for 2011 and beyond was ‘Mumble Jumble’ Economics.

“It also demonstrated the lack of leadership at the top in understanding the needs of our nation. I said then  “There is a lack of specific programs across all sectors and regions that would display they have a clear direction for this country but rather focuses more on items they wish to study if they get into Government which displays they are behind in their planning process” Dr. Ramsaroop said.

He added that “I supported then and still does the 2011 PPP/C Manifesto which is a comprehensive plan that outlined across all regions and industries what would propel Guyana to the level of an emerging economy that foreign and local investors will find attractive.”

The Political Activist went onto condemn the Opposition’s disapproval for the National Budget for two consecutive years which he believes has reversed the country’s economic, social and infrastructural development.

“One can see now why the 10th Parliament run by the Opposition is in shambles.  Their plans must be trashed as it says nothing but academic mumble jumble.”

He said while no Government in the world is perfect, the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Administration is actively working for added value production capacities, jobs creations and economic transformation.

“Reconvening of Parliament is a waste of tax payer’s money.  The Opposition shows up, gets their pay and allowances and all they do is to sit and wait for Government programs to be presented in order for them to disapprove.   They offer no alternatives, no plans and no solutions to the debate.   I call on the President to disband Parliament and call new elections.”



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