Lethem airstrip to upgrade to a regional hub in 2018


The Guyana government is in negotiations with a multilateral donor to secure a US$15M loan to finance a project for further aerodrome and airstrip development across the hinterland.

According to DPI, under that programme, the Lethem airstrip will be upgraded into a regional hub and international aerodrome, in order to receive flights originating from Brazil and other Latin American neighbours. This was revealed by Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan during his presentation of the 2018 Budget in the National Assembly on Monday.

Meanwhile, according to DPI, a sum of G$250M was allocated in Budget 2018 for airstrips and airdromes upgraded from which G$140M will be used to commence the rehabilitation of the airstrips at Bemichi and Kamana. Another 12 airstrips across the hinterland regions will also be upgraded at a cost of G$110.3M, Minister Jordan noted.

There are 57 licensed government airstrips in Guyana of which 47 are maintained by the Aerodrome Department of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. The remaining 11 Airstrips are being maintained by the villagers in their respective locations.




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