Let this period of Navratri herald inner peace, positivity & spiritual upliftment – GHDS

President of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha Dr Vindhya Persaud
President of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha Dr Vindhya Persaud


The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha wishes the Hindu Community a blessed and happy Navratri as Chaitra Navratri commences today.

During the sacred nine-night period devotees worship the principal forms of Shakti Ma as Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati seeking to dispel darkness and negative energies to be illuminated with spiritual wisdom and knowledge. It is a disciplined period of fasting, prayers and introspection. The transformative period of Navratri allows the seeker to surmount difficulties in life.

Dharmic Sabha is advising all mandirs to adhere to strict COVID -19 prevention guidelines.The variant of Covid-19 is deadly and easily transmissible and we are deeply concerned by the escalating numbers of positive cases and deaths across the country and would like to recommend the following:-

  • Virtual Navratri satsanghs on social media.
  • When having satsanghs at Mandir, do NOT exceed the 40% capacity. We suggest smaller numbers within the mandirs and adherence to the 6 feet distancing rules at all times.
  • All devotees, singers, musicians and pandits MUST wear their masks at all times in mandir.
  • Bhojan/food/prasad must be served in boxes/bags for take-away and not be eaten at mandir
  • Mandirs can also encourage staggering of attendance to prevent crowds. Persons can attend services on alternate days to allow for smaller numbers.
  • That there be handwashing facilities or sanitizers available

President of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, Dr. Vindhya Persaud said she is cognizant of the difficulties the world is facing through the Covid-19 pandemic and recently our neighbors through natural disaster, she urges the Hindu community to offer prayers for all the people of the world to be blessed by Aad Shakti Ma with resilience, health and faith to surmount these adversities and challenges. She also encouraged persons to use this period to extend support and kindness to those in need by sharing hampers and meals. Dr. Persaud exhorted all to recognize this as a period when as we worship the feminine aspect of the divine to continue to be staunch advocates against violence and abuse meted out to women and girls.

Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha will be bringing the mandir to homes through programs, chanting, bhajans, kirtan and online satsanghs on Facebook throughout the period in an effort to keep persons safe. We encourage prayer at home, fasting and disciplined observance of the period which dedicates 9 nights to the worship of Ad Shakti Durga Ma.

We know that the Hindu community looks forward to this sacred period for collective worship or satsangh, but we are in a period that threatens health and life with the increasing transmissibility of this deadly variant of Covid-19, so it is important for all the stay safe.

As you worship Durga Ma to dispel negativity, Lakshmi Mata to usher in abundance and light and finally Saraswati Mata for knowledge and wisdom, it is our fervent hope that you will all be safe and enjoy good health.

Let this period of Navratri herald inner peace, positivity and spiritual upliftment. Happy Navratri!