Let God’s love embolden your confidence that good overcomes evil – PM Mark Phillips


Fellow Guyanese, Easter is a time to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice of love. As we observe this holiday, I ask that we remember its significance and reflect on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Messiah and son of God. Remarkably, this story is given new life on the occasion of Easter each year.

Throughout generations, the story of Jesus has inspired millions to strive for a better world and to epitomize the virtues of Christ, as expressed in the Holy Bible.

His death stands out in history as the perfect example of selflessness and unconditional love. His life and teachings are centered on the importance of helping others and loving our neighbors, a universal practice across religions.

His unswerving devotion and mercy provide a remarkable example for all of us.

As we celebrate God’s gift of freedom and his love that conquers death, I remind you that it is our faith in this belief that must embolden our confidence that good overcomes evil and that joy nurtured by this season is everlasting.

On this occasion, my family and I revere God’s many blessings and pray for his peace in all affairs.

Today, I express our best wishes to all for a Happy Easter. God bless you.