Leguan residents fed-up with ‘power drunk’ CPG Liaison Officer

  • who boasts about ‘ministerial connections’

By Kristen Macklingam 

As the spotlight continues to be placed on the ‘liaison’ officer in charge of the Community Policing Group (CPG) in Leguan, Region Three, more revelations continue to surface about the accused in relation to his “power drunk”  state.

INews understands that about a month ago a Police Sergeant who was stationed at the Leguan Police Station had allegedly been requested by this liaison officer to arrest person(s) in a particular manner.

However, the Sergeant refused to do so stating that he cannot and will not arrest any individual unless there is just cause or sufficient evidence to do so regardless of who urges him to make the request.

According to a resident in the area it was then that the liaison officer began expressing his anger about the manner in which the Sergeant was operating and he subsequently began making threats of having the officer removed from the Leguan Police Station.

“He said that he is a friend of a senior government minister (name withheld) and that how he will get the policeman transferred in no time. He was drinking at the shop next to the station side and was telling a set of us how the man will be moved…was the Sunday he say that Monday he going to the minister office and get the Sergeant transferred and next thing you know when the officer turn up for work the Monday he hear he get moved to Essequibo Coast,” a police source explained.

Meanwhile, a relative of the Sergeant who was transferred told INews that due to him being relocated to another police station further from his home the Sergeant is unable to spend any time with his children and wife.

In fact, he hails from the East Coast of Demerara (ECD) and has now been transferred further on the Essequibo Coast and this makes travelling to and from his home virtually impossible due to the nature of his job.

“He lives all the way on the East Coast and now has a room at the Charity station in Essequibo to sleep. He is not getting any time to see his children or his family and this is not right. He applied for a transfer to anywhere closer to his home even in Region Three but they refusing him and this destroying his family life,” the woman stated.

Other residents in Leguan have complained to this online news that the liaison officer is ‘problematic’ and feels that he is above the law because he has the support of at least one senior government minister.

They are calling on the APNU/AFC Administration to look into the matter and help to bring “peace of mind” to those who are subjected to interface with the liaison officer on an almost daily basis in Leguan.





  1. It is always like that on the Essequibo, even before when the PPP was in power. A lot of people lost their jobs and were even transfered from that area because of false allegations.


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