Lawyer blasts Harmon for “unethical” comment

General Secretary of A Partnership For National Unity (APNU), Joseph Harmon

[] – Attorney – at – Law Shaun Allicock says that he is disappointed in General Secretary of A Partnership For National Unity (APNU), Joseph Harmon following a comment made to iNews on Wednesday February 04 as it relates to the law firm’s writ filed in the High Court, challenging Guyana’s presidential two term limit.

Harmon had told iNews said “Jagdeo is hiding behind surrogates to push his programme, he hasn’t come forward, he doesn’t have the belly, he doesn’t have the guts to come forward and say look I want to have another term. He is using some Attorneys and you can see the quality of the persons who have actually filed the matter on his behalf.”

But Allicock in a release to iNews said that the comment was “unethical” since Harmon being an Attorney had attacked the integrity of a fellow sitting member of the bar.

It was explained that this goes against existing legal practitioner’s Code of Conduct. Allicock in the release said “as to the quality of lawyer I am, well, I am the same person who joined Mr Hoyte’s team of lawyers in the Ester Pereira elections petition and sat in Court every day for almost six months. The same person who along with Basil Williams, Roysdale Forde, Emily Dodson and others, presented the Veronica Delph elections petition and represented Mark Benschop.”

The Attorney said he expects lawyers to deal with legal issues and not attempt to denigrate another member of the legal fraternity “and even as I excuse his attack of me, I will not tolerate his attack on other members of my firm…Mr Harmon ought to know that the ethics of our profession dictate that our relationship with our colleagues shall be characterized by respect, courtesy and good faith.”

Allicock along with Oneidge Waldron Allicock, Dodson and another Attorney are currently representing the affairs of Cedric Richardson.

Richardson has filed a court action seeking to have the two-term limitation on Guyana’s presidency deemed null and void since it was not done by way of referendum.

Attorney General Anil Nandlall and Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman are named as the defendants in the matter.



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