‘Late delivery of medical supplies’ problem will be solved soon – Dr Norton

Dr George Norton, Minister of Public Health

The late delivery of medical supplies which is currently affecting several regions is being addressed by the Ministry of Public Health, Public Health Minister Dr. George Norton  has assured.

Dr George Norton, Minister of Public Health
Dr George Norton, Minister of Public Health

Minister Norton today explained that the Ministry of Public Health is in the process of changing the system of sole sourcing to one of an open tender with competitive bidding. “All of that takes time, and we found ourselves in a situation where they could have been stocking out,” Minister Norton explained. 

Another contributory factor, the Minister pointed out, could have been the time in which the respective regions advised the Ministry of their individual needs. 

“The regions were given their monies to purchase medication. They are supposed to send a list to the Ministry of Public Health so that we can acquire these medications and then they pay by a subvention later. That money might have gotten to the region a little late and also the regional officers might not have been sufficiently informed as to the procedure of exactly what the regions need.” 

The Minister has said that no effort will be spared in resolving this situation. The Minister is optimistic that within a month “we are going to have medication in the country fully supplied.”

Inews had carried a number of reports recently where the various regional hospitals and health posts were running low, or in some cases there was a shortage of medical supplies to meet the needs of patients.



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