Landmark being erected in Leguan


A 45-foot Hanuman murti is under construction in Leguan, Region 3 (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) at the Rama Krishna Mandir.
The Hindu deity statue is billed to be one of the biggest in Guyana.

The almost completed landmark
The almost completed landmark

The statue is being voluntarily built by sculpture Jainarine Prahalla owner of JP Sculpting with voluntary donations from the general public.

The statue is to be completed in August this year with a grand four-day celebration being held to commemorate the opening.



  1. What has this nation coming to?
    The bible made it very clear that idol worship is an abomination to God. In the bible, many of the greatest kings who ever lived had done what Guyana is doing. Erecting an idol of false Gods will always resulted in Gid turning his back on a nation. When will people come to their senses that idols and idol worshipping is glorifying Satan and the devil. If this nation of Guyana will ever be blessed and see the glory of prosperity, they have to turn away from such provocation. According to the holy word of God, Guyana has now declared war against the true and living God. It’s time to wake up Guyanese and tear this demonic thing down and repent and may Gid have mercy on all of those who hate the only way of true allegiance to the Gid of heaven.

  2. This change is killing the poor who called for it now parking meter coming n roads going.overhead roads r needed before meters.


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