Labourers in Cleanup Campaign forced to work without protective gears



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Some of the Labourers cleaning city drains without any protective gears.
Some of the Labourers cleaning city drains without any protective gears.

 [] – The unhealthy and unsanitary locations where scores of labourers are forced to work without any protective gear have generated concern and condemnation from members of the public.

Last week many stopped and watched in shock as the men cleaned several filthy drains without any protective gears as part of the government cleanup campaign.

When iNews spoke to the labourers, they complained bitterly about the situation but said it is their source of income and they have families to care for.

They also complained about receiving late payment. Many question how it is that the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development could have the labourers working in such inhumane conditions.Clean up 3 copy

When contacted, Public Relations Officer of the Ministry, Olive Gopaul, explained that the Ministry has in place protective gears for these employees; however, she noted that the Coordinators are not taking their responsibilities to the workers serious enough to uplift the protective gears.

She added that the Ministry has been doing all it can to ensure that workers are paid on time, providing that the paper work for payment is on schedule.



  1. Just take a look at who doing the cleaning, the poor ass ppl that only get hire to do dirty work, even the killings of they own for the owners of Guyana

  2. Guys these clean up contracts who get them, friends of the PPP, and you bet 10 million spent on the protection gear, they will find bills to show in the office that they bought the protcetive gear,the money gone to build another house, you see how much the school coast 780 million, hell no it must be a 20m if so much , these ppl just grabing all they can, I bet is a puran or lall building the school, PPP people picking pocket / c criminals ,,,,,,,

  3. u talking bear shit it doesnt matter who trow what……if u dont clean ur house would ur house stay nasty or clean…….long ago dis place use to keep clean the prisoners use to get dis place clean but now things change d gov waiting for the place to get nasty den say der awarding a 15 million contract to clean up dis place whichin it only cost 5 million u making joke with d gov……..

  4. EXCUSES BE DAMNED: It’s disgraceful that the Publican Relations Ministry have come up with the excuse, that the Supervisors/Coordinators are not handing out the protective equipment/gear to the workers. Ms. Gopaul, fire them, then find people who will do the job properly, or do it yourself.

  5. some the same ones that stopped and watched and then complained are the ones who eat and drink then pelt their food container and drink bottle in those very drains..u can see them pelting food boxes out of mini buses..u can see them driving their fancy vehicles and pelting their garbage all over the place.


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